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LED high bay lights are led lamps used in production and operation areas in many factories and mines. Generally, the lamps will be evenly arranged above or on the side wall of the work site to illuminate the whole working face. General lighting lamps have high requirements for light distribution, and two types of light distribution, direct lighting type and semi direct lighting type, are widely used.


Of course, there are many matters needing attention when buying LED lamps. Today we’ll explain them.

1、 Look at the heat dissipation structure

Generally, the material of lamps is profile aluminum, hardware sheet and copper column. When we turn on the lamp, we observe whether there is temperature rise. It is impossible to lose heat without temperature, but the temperature rise should not be too high. Generally, the temperature should not exceed 70 degrees.

2、 Look at the actual demand

Different occasions have different requirements for lamps. When choosing LED high bay lights in industries such as coal, petroleum and chemical industry, we should not only consider whether the lighting demand can meet the requirements, but also consider the factors of dust-proof and waterproof lamps, and even consider the explosion-proof requirements. When choosing lamps, such enterprises need to consider whether the products meet the requirements of national quality standards, whether they have passed explosion-proof certification and so on.


3、 Look at the light source

The light source part mainly depends on whether genuine chips are used, such as Lumileds, Cree, Osram, Bridgelux, SANAN, etc. At the same time, the light source and power supply should also have good waterproof function.

4、 Look at power, illumination and color temperature

This is particularly professional. The power of led high bay lights should be selected according to the actual lighting area. High power will cause a waste of electricity resources, and low power can not meet the lighting demand. At the same time, the production conditions of lamps and lanterns, such as high resolution and color temperature, are also important for the textile industry. It is recommended to clearly inform the shopping guide of your actual needs when purchasing.


Of course, the most important thing to choose LED lights is to choose a guaranteed business. UNIKE Technology Limited is located in Zhongshan city, which is located in the economically developed compound of the Pearl River Delta and has the reputation of China’s lamp capital. The main products are led high bay lamps, street lights, floodlights, canopy lights, led high mast lights, tunnel lamps, solar led lights, etc.


UNIKE high bay light has a high light efficiency with 165lm/watt. It can reach 16500lm with 100W power consumption, compare with others 16500lm with 150W, it saves 50watts for each lamp in one hour. And UNIKE offers 5 years warranty on the lamp, in 5 years for 100pcs lamp, it can save more than $10,000 electricity fee.

Post time: Mar-22-2022

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