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LED Lighting Fixtures Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1.  LED lamps are basically related to the following technical matters

①LED lamp beads are high-tech products, and the equipment required for production is very demanding, so low-end technology can not produce high-end products;

②The production requirements of the driving power supply are also very high, because the LED has a long service life, and basically there are many driving power supplies that are bad. Therefore, a good driving power supply can maintain long-term and efficient lighting.

③The use of heat dissipation materials and the process of product packaging are also very important. The LED lamp beads are too hot and easy to damage the lamp beads, so the heat dissipation process must be done well.


2. How long will the service life of LED lights be, can they really be used for 100,000 hours?2. How long will the service life of LED lights be, can they really be used for 100,000 hours?

Answer:The calculation of the life of LED lamps is based on the use time when the brightness of the lamp beads is reduced to less than 50%. Basically, the imported lamp chip can be used for about 70,000 hours, and the time of all failures is more than 100,000 hours; the life of the LED lamp should include the use time of the LED chip and the life of the driving power supply. As well as the damage of the whole part of the lamps, etc., so the market said that the use of 100,000 hours is fooling people. The real lamps and lanterns are only used for about 20,000 hours. faster than ordinary energy-saving lamps.


3. Are there any LED lighting products with zero light decay?Answer:The answer is no, everything in the world will age and recede, even more so with lamps. Its luminous heat must be fading, but it is difficult for us to detect it!


4. Why do the prices of LED lamps vary so much? Where is the price of high-quality lamps expensive?

Answer: Compared with everyone buying LED lights, the biggest purpose is to save energy. Indeed, LED lighting products have low power and high luminous efficiency, but many things are often overlooked, such as the use of LED lights, poor quality lights, use of Time is shorter than energy saving, but high-quality lamps can be used for tens of thousands of hours, which is the difference in quality. But the price difference of lamps and lanterns is so expensive. In fact, it is in terms of heat dissipation, drivers, lamp beads, etc. Good lamps and lanterns use imported lamp beads with high luminous efficiency, basically 1W can reach 140-160LM or more, and low-quality lamps can only reach 90-110LM luminous efficiency, the difference is very large; the second is the driving power supply, high quality The price difference between the driving power supply and the ordinary driving power supply is not very big, but there is a difference of a few dollars for a product; the price of the lamps is also largely distinguished on the radiator, and the high-quality lamps are all high-end cars on the car. High-quality aluminum is several times more expensive than ordinary aluminum or other heat-dissipating materials.

Therefore, good quality materials create high-priced LED lamps.


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