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【Case】Lighting renovation of swimming pool

                                  Light up the vitality of the building|Lighting renovation of swimming pool

     The construction of a sports power is inseparable from the effective supply of professional sports facilities. For stadiums, the importance of  lighting is self-evident. Professional venue lighting not only enhances the user’s sports experience, but also further enhances the service quality and efficiency of the venue. Recently, UNIKE’s construction team successfully completed the lighting renovation of the swimming pool of Hugong University, creating a professional and healthy sports light environment for it.

Project Overview

     The comprehensive gymnasium of Hugong University is located on the north side of the front area of the campus. The main body of the building includes the indoor sports center and the swimming pool. The building area of the swimming pool is about 3,000 square meters. Meter standard swimming pool. The original stadium lighting was not equipped with professional sports lighting fixtures, which had problems such as low illuminance, poor color rendering, and serious glare. After testing, the average illuminance of the venue was less than 100Lux, and the lighting quality could not meet the needs of daily teaching and training.

UNIKE Professional Lighting Solutions

     According to the relevant requirements and specifications of the project, UNIKE uses its mature technical service experience to issue a thorough lighting scheme design to provide professional and high-quality lighting solutions for the venues. In this lighting design, according to the lighting characteristics of swimming sports, 18 300W [G] stadium lights of our company were selected to replace the original 27 ordinary LED lamps, and the scientific and reasonable lighting layout was used to improve the lighting quality of the stadium and ensure the comfort of the light environment. with health.

     Combined with the architectural features of the swimming pool, UNIKE adopts the way of lighting on the walls on both sides to highlight the sports theme of the building with healthy lighting. UNIKE high-quality sports lighting fixtures have good color rendering, light efficiency and color temperature, excellent optical design minimizes glare, IP65 protection level and stable lighting performance fully meet various lighting requirements.

     After the installation and commissioning is completed, after testing, the average illumination of the venue is over 300 Lux, and the uniformity is over 0.5, which meets the lighting standards for Class II amateur competitions and professional training. Bring a better lighting experience.

UNIKE has always adhered to its commitment to product quality and innovation empowerment, and has been deeply engaged in the field of sports lighting, providing accurate lighting solutions for many stadiums and professional events, fully demonstrating UNIKE’s strong technical strength and brand influence. In the future, UNIKE will adhere to the original intention, constantly temper its own innovation core, participate in the construction of more stadium lighting with high-quality products and professional solutions, and use high-quality lighting to light up the passion of sports events, and strive to become the leading brand of sports lighting in China.


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