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Benefits of solar power system in industrial parks

What are the benefits of solar power system in industrial parks?


1. Utilize idle roofs and floors to revitalize fixed assets and increase corporate income.

The roofs of most factories and parks are idle, and even additional costs are required for waterproofing and thermal insulation. Photovoltaic equipment can be installed at a height of 2.2 meters, with good waterproof and thermal insulation effects, which is equivalent to adding a layer of space out. This space can be used as temporary venues such as warehouses or conferences.

2. Save peak electricity bills for enterprises (the peak electricity generation is the most during the day), and the surplus electricity can be sold online.

Calculated at 0.5 kWh per square meter of photovoltaic power generation per day, 10,000 square meters of photovoltaic equipment can generate 5,000 kWh of electricity per day. In addition to supplying electricity for factories and parks, the surplus power can be sold on the grid to earn extra income.


3. Reduce the internal temperature of the factory, increase the working comfort and the cost of cooling in summer.

After the photovoltaic installation is completed, it has good waterproof and thermal insulation effects, which can effectively reduce the indoor temperature by 2-8 degrees. The comfortable working environment can effectively reduce the rate of worker turn over and greatly improve the work efficiency of workers.

4. The energy saving and emission reduction targets stipulated by the government can be well fulfilled.

According to the area of photovoltaic installation, the power generation and the amount of energy saving and emission reduction can be calculated, and the energy saving and emission reduction targets stipulated by the government can be completed, which is conducive to the continuous production and development of the factory.

5.The advantages of using building roof, it is safe and reliable, without noise and pollution.

It does not occupy the production space, and only uses the idle space on the roof, which is safe and reliable, clean and beautiful, no radiation, no noise, and no pollution. Access to the nearest user side eliminates the need for long-distance transportation and avoids the loss of long-distance transmission lines. It can run for at least 25-30 years. It does not require fuel, has low operating cost, and is not easy to produce polluting wastes during power generation. It is an ideal clean energy source.


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