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How to choose led high bay light?

     With the maturity of LED lighting technology, there are more and more manufacturers of LED high bay lights, and there are many types of high bay lights with different performance specifications and uneven quality. If you are a non-professional, what important factors need to be considered when purchasing LED high bay lights, so that you can choose the right LED high bay light for your needs faster and more conveniently? Shenzhen Tianxia Zhiguang Lighting tells you that you should pay attention to the following factors when choosing high bay lights:

1. Choose the right power

The power is high, the power consumption is large, the power is low, and the brightness is not enough, which cannot meet the lighting needs of the place. Generally, the power of the purchased lamps is determined according to the three dimensions of the installation height, the density of the lights and the place of use. Different places of use have different requirements for contrast, such as workshops, stadiums, libraries and other places, which require high illuminance, such as warehouses, parking lots, etc., which have low illuminance requirements, so pay attention to the place of use when choosing lamps. In addition, the height of the installation space and the density of the lights are also the places that need to be paid attention to when choosing lamps.



2. Choose a suitable lighting angle

The light-emitting angle is also closely related to the place of use. Generally speaking, if the installation space is high, small-angle lamps should be used; otherwise, larger-angle lamps should be used.


3. Choose the right color temperature

Because high bay lights are generally used for functional lighting, except for some special places, high color temperature LED high bay lights should be used, and the color temperature is recommended to be around 5000K.

4. Select the appropriate IP rating

If it is an indoor place, there is no special requirement for the IP rating of the high bay light. However, if it is outdoors, or where there is a possibility of rain, you need to pay attention to the IP rating of the lamp. Generally, IP65 can meet the requirements.

5. Select the appropriate CRI

Color rendering indicator is an important parameter of light quality. Workplaces such as ordinary warehouses and parking lots can not pay attention to the color rendering index, but places such as libraries, dyeing workshops, and precision workshops require high bay lights with higher rendering index.



6. Watch out for glare

Glare is the main factor affecting the comfort of the light environment. Therefore, when installing lamps in low spaces, special attention should be paid to the protection of glare. In addition, special attention should be paid to the protection of glare in specific workplaces, such as indoor basketball courts, indoor skating rinks, badminton halls and other sports. Venues, libraries, production workshops and other places.

7. Pay attention to the usage environment

In addition to the above points, it is also necessary to pay attention to the environmental conditions of the lamps. For example, in oil and gas places, you need to pay attention to the explosion-proof function. If there is a dusty environment, you need to pay attention to the dustproof function. For steel plants and glass plants, you need to pay attention to high temperature resistance requirements. , and the humid places near the sea, the surface of the lamp body needs to be treated with anti-salt spray.


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