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LED street light installation preparation

  LED street lamp consists of lamp head, internal lamp electrical, pole and base part. The shape of the lamp holder can be determined according to user requirements, installation environment, and specific lighting needs.

  LED street lights have the characteristics of green environmental protection, low consumption, high light efficiency, long life and low maintenance cost, and have become the best choice to replace traditional lighting and energy-saving transformation of road lighting. So, what do you need to prepare for the installation of LED street lights?

  1.Determine whether the weather at the time of installation is within the outdoor high power operating range.

  2.Work trucks with lifting platforms, warning signs, recognition lights, etc.

  3.Check all components carefully according to the cargo list and spare parts list.

  4.Check whether the component is damaged, bent, twisted, whether the zinc layer is damaged, whether the lamp holder assembly is correct, and the power debugging light can be installed and used after passing the inspection.

  5.The plate on each pole indicates the type of bar, the order number, and the number of sections.The weight of the rod body is marked with a colored marker on the side of the rod body. Check whether the delivery is correct and the lifting capacity of the crane is sufficient.