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The difference between Solar street lights and AC street lights

  The biggest difference between solar street lights and ordinary street lights is that the energy used is different. The working principle of ordinary street lamps is the same as that of the electric lamp we usually use at home. It is through the use of mains laying cables, linking the power supply and the lamp head, so that the light source of the street lamp head shines.

  The difference of solar street light is that it mainly relies on the collection of sunlight as energy, through the comprehensive use of power electronics technology, battery micro-controller technology and automatic control technology, citing lead-acid batteries to develop hybrid energy storage solar street light, while the light source also chooses efficient energy-saving light source, such as :LED street lights, low-frequency electrodeless lamps.

  Whether it is ordinary led street lights or solar street lights, their working time is to work at night, bring us some convenience, and do not need to work during the day.There is a solar battery inside the solar street lamp, which is used to collect solar energy and charge during the day, and the solar street lamp is used for power supply by the battery at night.

  The working principle of solar street lights is basically the same as that of general solar products. But there may be a little more consideration involved. For example, local climate, sunshine time, wind resistance design and other factors, different regions will have some differences. If the wind resources are rich, you can also increase the fan to generate electricity, generally in the absence of sunlight can work for 3-5 days.