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LED street light installation preparation

  Nowadays, health and environmental protection are becoming the topic of our common concern. In 2024,Shenzhen UNIKE Technology Limited will launch SL-2XXC series solar LED street light with ingenuity, bringing a more environmentally friendly, more economical and more lasting lighting solution for your home and city.

 SL-2XXC Solar LED street light set a number of advantages in one:

❖ Mainstream integrated structure design, saving transportation costs.

❖ Lumileds/Bridgelux chips 5054/5050MD(Lifetime100000hours).

❖ Imported high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cell.

❖ Whole lamp can be 180° adjustable.

❖ Built-in large capacity LiFePO4 battery.

❖ Beam angle is 150°*70°, Asymmetric 30.

❖ Easy to install and disassembly, convenient for maintenance.

❖ With 3 lighting modes, flexible to switch via remote control.

❖ Remote control distance up to 15 meters.

  Whether it’s bustling city streets, quiet residential neighborhoods, winding country paths, or picturesque tourist attractions, SL-2XXC Solar LED street lights can be perfectly integrated to add a bright touch to your environment.