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How to choose solar street lights?

     To choose solar street lights, you need to choose from three aspects: components, service life, and installation and maintenance. Solar street lights generate direct current through sunlight, so that the controller can store electrical energy for batteries, which are widely used in urban road lighting. The choice of solar street lights should match the parameter configuration of different components according to their own needs.

     Compared with ordinary street lights, solar street lights have the advantages of long life, sufficient light source, fast charging, low loss and low labor maintenance cost. How to choose solar street lights?



First, the components of solar street lights

In terms of appearance and performance, solar street lights are composed of street light poles and lamp heads.

1. The choice of solar street light poles will affect the overall safety and usability. The height of the poles needs to be slightly greater than or equal to the width of the road; the thickness of the poles needs to be considered according to the local environment. The thicker the poles, the stronger the wind resistance.

2. The choice of lamp holder should pay attention to the wattage and the quality of the lamp holder. If the usage rate is high and the lighting area is wide, it is necessary to choose a lamp holder with a higher wattage.


Second, the service life of solar street lights

The service life of solar street lights is usually 7-8 years, and the length of service life is mainly limited by the quality of LED lamp beads, controllers, battery panels, and batteries. High-quality accessories can greatly extend the service life of solar street lights.

In addition, the climate and frequency of use of the installation location of the solar street light will affect the service life of the solar street light. If the solar street light is in a humid environment for a long time, it will accelerate the aging of the accessories, thereby reducing the service life.



Finally, installation and maintenance of solar street lights

There is no need to lay cables when installing solar street lights, and the construction is convenient and fast, but because of the particularity of the product, professional personnel are still required to install, and professional guidance and maintenance after installation are also factors that need to be considered when choosing solar street lights. Construction of integrated solar street lights to avoid detours.

In addition, if there are more intelligent functions such as human body induction, the solar street lights can be used better.





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