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Introduction to Alien’s Selling Points solar led flood light

1、 Appearance design

The appearance design adopts a combination of rigidity and softness, which makes the product look full of muscles but not out of proportion. The overall design of the product is full of technology, simple but not simple.

2、M-type structure waterproof strip

This solar led flood light product adopts M-type structural waterproof rubber strip, and the waterproof effect of M-type rubber strip is the best design on the market; the rubber strip is made of food-grade silica gel, which has stronger anti-aging and corrosion resistance; the product has been soaked in water and fire-fighting water gun In the direct injection test, there is no water entering the lamp body.

3、Double-layer reflective design

As the biggest highlight of this product, this solar led flood light product reflector has a more unique design style, which is different from the design style on the market, and can highlight the differences of Mingjiang products; Design + second layer of granular bump design, better reduce light loss; the light angle is 110 degrees, making the irradiation area wider and the light effect more uniform.

4、P-MOS charging, charging efficiency increased by 20%

This solar led flood light product controller of this product is charged by P-MOS controlled by PWM, and the unique charge and discharge management system has more efficient charge and discharge efficiency. Example: The market routinely uses 6V/30W photovoltaic panels, and the peak charging current is 5A; this product uses 5V/30W photovoltaic panels, the peak charging current is 6A, and the charging efficiency is increased by 20%.

At the same time, the product can be used for high-power lighting with a maximum power of 30W, which can be applied to stadium lights, 10-meter-high pole street lights, architectural lights, etc.

5、Intelligent power management system, automatic power distribution at night

Committed to meeting the needs of customers “365 days, every day brightness”, our company has developed an intelligent power management system through cooperation with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. , to achieve a better effect on rainy days.

6、Premium version RGB

①16 million color pigments adjustable, 20 preset modes.

②The product is equipped with a music playback function, and the lights move intelligently with the rhythm, allowing you to experience different usage scenarios.

③.Independent research and development of APP, realize intelligent lighting control, and adapt to foreign languages at the same time.

④The Solar led flood light APP is compatible with Bluetooth speakers to better meet the needs of parties, outdoor parties, etc.

⑤It can connect 5 devices at the same time, realize grouping and group control settings, and has the function of timing switch lights.

⑥Full-color SMD5050 chip; color light efficiency increased by 30%.

⑦Intelligent power management system, discharge time is more than 12 hours

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