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Which aspects are more reliable to start with when purchasing solar garden lights?

     Solar garden lights are usually used for lighting in villa courtyards, hotel courtyards, garden landscapes, parks, residential roads and other areas. Solar garden lights can not only provide basic lighting functions for the outdoors, but also beautify the landscape and shape the nighttime environment. To do a good job in the lighting of outdoor scenes, the selection of lamps is the basis. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a solar garden light? How to choose solar garden lights?

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     The system configuration of solar garden lights affects the stability of the work of the lamps. We should consider the battery capacity and the peak wattage design of photovoltaic modules when purchasing. In addition, we should also pay attention to the problem of whether solar garden lights are used normally in bad weather. Therefore, the quality of solar garden lights is one of the key elements. The quality of solar garden lights is closely related to the quality of components, so the choice of solar garden lights can start with components. Components of solar garden lights: lamp beads, controllers, batteries, panels, light poles, etc.

1. Light source selection

Solar garden lights usually choose LED light source, the power of a single lamp bead is 1W, and the wattage of the lamp is related to the lamp bead.

2. Solar panels

Solar panels are divided into single crystal and polycrystalline, the stability of single crystal is good, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, it is the highest among all solar cells at present, and the battery life is longer than that of polycrystalline, but the single crystal has good stability and high photoelectric conversion efficiency. Crystal is more expensive than polycrystalline. When purchasing, it can be selected according to the measurement area. The larger the area, the greater the battery power.

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3. Solar cells

The commonly used solar cells are colloidal batteries and lithium batteries, and there are few lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are expensive, but they can be used many times, and their lifespan is 3-5 times that of gel batteries.

4. The controller

The controller determines the lighting time, charging and discharging time of the lamp, as well as the voltage of the charging and discharging and supply current. It is the intelligent switch of the lamp, so the controller will also affect the service life of the lamp.

5. The light pole of solar garden light

The light pole of solar street light should consider the height of the light pole, the shape of the light pole, the higher the height, the more expensive the price, the more complicated the shape, the higher the price.

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     Finally, it is recommended that you try to choose solar garden lights with better quality, especially for villa courtyards and hotel courtyard lighting places, because poor quality lamps are prone to problems, such as short brightness time, insufficient battery capacity, rusted components, etc. , affecting the user experience.

     The development of solar garden lights can be used as a good teaching material for popularizing new energy knowledge, which can deepen people’s awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, and also let people know the advantages and benefits of solar garden lights in urban lighting projects. The garden light is only used as an outdoor landscape street light, but obviously it has good environmental and economic benefits.

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