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What to pay attention to during the installation of solar street lights?

1.Comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of solar street lamps, light sources, light poles, for road practice and reference lighting specifications, separate the investment budget, Reasonable selection of solar lamps, light sources and light poles to maximize the high efficiency and energy saving performance of the light source, and take advantage of the light distribution characteristics and accessories combination of solar lamps.

2.On the premise of ensuring lighting performance, appropriately increase the spacing of solar street lights to reduce the number of lamps; Appropriately raise the height of the solar lamp pole to improve the lighting effect; As far as possible, dividers should be placed in the center of the road to arrange poles to save construction costs..

3.According to the practice and geological conditions of the solar street lamp project site, the solar street lamp pole base and high pole lamp base are designed and manufactured to ensure that the base is strong and reliable. Special attention should be paid to the compatibility of the embedded bolt with the reserved hole of the rod seat, accurate positioning, reasonable embedding length and outer length, and proper maintenance of the thread part for positioning when hoisting.


4.The internal accessories of solar street lamps should be inserted tightly and firmly to prevent the wind from loosening and poor contact. Solar street lamp and lamp pole, lamp pole and cantilever are firmly fixed. Each bar of the high pole of the solar street lamp should be set in place, the lifting frame and lamps should be firmly fixed, the lifting system should be safe and secure, and the functions of lifting, limiting and positioning should be complete.


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