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What problems do you need to pay attention to choose LED lights for warehouse?

Now industrial lighting whether it is workshop, warehouse almost all use LED high bay lights as lighting fixtures. However, many buyers do not know how to choose suitable lamps for their warehouses and factories. So when choosing LED high bay lights, how should we do?

1.Check the installation height. Confirm the height of the warehouse or factory to know how many wattage lamps you should buy, insufficient wattage results in a lack of brightness; wattage to buy large, waste electricity;

2.Confirm the budget. To know how much your budget, when buying lamps have a clearer goal;

3.LED high bay lights quality. To understand the quality of the lampshade, power supply, chip, and ensure that the service life of the lamp is within the expected;

4.Check the luminaire brightness. Unprofessional people look at the appearance of high bay lights are the same, so they choose the lowest price of lamps. But the appearance of the same lamps, their brightness is not the same; The brightness of lamps with the same wattage is not the same, and the price is naturally different. Therefore, when buying LED high bay lights, it is necessary to understand how much illumination is.

Make the above four points clear, when buying LED high bay lamps, you will not feel that the lamps you bought are expensive or that you bought low-quality products.


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